First impressions are absolutely everything from both personal and business perspectives. Make sure when meeting someone they get the right impression, see the real you and most importantly will remember you!

Here we have shared our thoughts and top tips on how to ensure your first impression counts!


Your appearance is everything. It is your first, but also ongoing, impressions – so always dress well, but suitable to your environment.

The clothes you wear and the way you present yourself overall will dramatically change the way others react and embrace you. They will even hear you differently. It subconsciously tells people if you are like them or not, or someone they want to be in business or a colleague of and will be the reason people approach you or don’t.


The handshake is all about timing … ensure you have a good grip, confident eye contact and a gentle smile, and you’re doing great. A good, confident handshake demonstrates significant respect.


The best impression you can make is by letting people talk about themselves and the people closest to them. It is well-known that letting people talk about themselves stimulates the brain.

Letting others talk about themselves is also beneficial as you get a better understanding of their life experiences and you get to know them better.


Your posture is part of body language, and people judge this subconsciously all the time.

Body language has a massive effect on the way others feel around you, but most importantly, how you feel about yourself.

Maintaining a strong posture, with your shoulders back will give the impression of confidence, and therefore people will naturally find you more approachable.

Bad postures affect your mental state, therefore before any development sessions, or meetings I host I will often encourage the room to get up, move about to get a higher level of energy, to ensure everyone is embracing the content. Energy levels rise immediately.


The first question I ask in every meeting or training session I have ever hosted. People must know what is going on around them.

Every morning, over breakfast I will read or scan through the most relevant news and will always have the likes of CNBC and Bloomberg on when I am getting ready in the morning.

I make it my business to know what is happening in the world, as this will mean I have more opportunities of engaging with people in conversations wherever I am.

In any business you must be on the ball and know what’s going on, so read different newspaper types to ensure you have a wider knowledge range.


You must be overly prepared, to avoid coming across as ignorant.

Ignorance is, I believe, one of the worst traits ever, so make it a habit to check what’s going on whilst going into work, or like myself, over breakfast.

You will also find that this has a significant impact on your own knowledge and development. You will learn so much all the way from how people react to what new technology is thriving through the markets, for example.


It doesn’t matter how successful you are in life, or how much you know, there is always more knowledge to be absorbed.


I have come to realise that being grateful is indeed one of the most important things in life, and perhaps a younger me was all too focused on tomorrow and sadly didn’t take time to enjoy the “now”.

Being grateful shows greatness… always remember to thank all people who help you, the family who support you, and you will always have a support network there when you need it.

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