Financial Coaching Packages

My financial coaching package is not an in-the-box product. It is completely tailored to your individual needs.

The first session is to get a better understanding of your current position, and then I can tailor an extremely personalised program just for you. When it comes to finances there is no “one size fits all”, and my role is to ensure you have the right understanding, resources and tools that you need to make sure your finances are healthy both now and in the future.

So, if you can relate to any of the below, reach out and lets start working together to build a brighter and more conscious based approach to finance.

Are you spending more than you have coming in?

Do you feel like you have no idea where you are spending your money each month?

Do you have money in a bank account and don’t know what to do with it?

Do you want to start saving but don’t know how?

Do you want to start creating passive income streams?

Would you like to set goals and start achieving financial freedom?

Do you want to start taking control of your finances to improve your future?

My Financial Coaching Packages

This session is perfect if you have a specific question, such as whether to sell your house, a comprehensive audit of your current financial situation, or a tax planning session.

This package includes a full audit of your current financial situation, budget planning, investment education, tax planning, and retirement planning. I empower my clients to manage their own money, ultimately saving them management fees and ensuring they are in control.

Recommended if you need to address money behavior challenges. It includes everything from the four-session package plus behavioral money coaching. This coaching goes deeper into your money history, helping to heal past traumas and transform your relationship with money.