I am a personal financial coach who has a track record of building client wealth. I have been in financial services for over 25 years.

I have worked for some of the largest wealth management businesses in the industry across the UK, Europe and Middle East, both building the businesses and servicing my clients.

Its only recently that I made the decision to not only work with individuals and businesses on family planning, but I also want to help people learn about finances, so I decided to start offering coaching!

I want to help as many people as possible who may be stuck, digging their heads in the sand, not quite sure what to do, don’t have the time or simply just don’t know where to even start!

Finances, wealth building, wealth maintaining is so unbelievably complex, that it is quite normal to become overwhelmed and therefore easy to never actually execute certain decisions, but this will naturally hold you back in a number of ways.

I am here to help you break down those barriers, see finances as a positive, help you understand your numbers, and ultimately hold you accountable for building that life you are 100% capable of achieving.