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Visible results, bottom line.


Reach for the Sky

Activate your next level and create unstoppable success.


Let the mentoring programs do the talking!

Taking you from good to "off the charts" amazing.

Personalised Performance for Business Development and Sales Growth that Deliver Unstoppable Results

Here at Coady Performance Group we are Business Development specialists that have a reputation for generating significantly enhanced outcomes that lead to breakthrough performances and a measurable return on investment for our clients.

Coady Performance Group are on hand if you are facing a sales-related challenge, want to increase revenue and business growth, or explore options to develop a more effective sales organisation. Our expertise in offering performance training, performance coaching sales management solutions and infrastructure services make us the ideal partner to deliver and implement long-lasting behaviour changes that will improve your bottom line, guaranteed.


Learn, Develop and Perform


Individual & Corporate mentoring ​to create effectiveness in business.

Talent Placement

We find, transform and place the best talent into the best businesses.

Interim Projects

Interim support for firms looking for short term engagement to drive value from past experiences.

Non Executive Services

Leadership development, board motivation and performance injection to ensure your business unlocks its potential.

Investor Service

Injecting new capital and ideas into promising businesses to help them achieve their growth and performance potential.

Practice Buy Out & Exits

We are acquiring more funds under management and growing their wealth management business.

Our Secret

Our uniqueness at Coady Performance Group comes from over 20 years leading and mastering the art of performance development.

We are recognised to deliver beyond what is expected and provides us the ability to transform individuals, teams and corporations, whatever the challenge.

Ask yourself one question…

What is the cost of you not performing at your peak?

If individuals or businesses are serious about their results then they are serious about the talent and performance of themselves and/or their people. The difference in focus is the main reason that every high achiever and business should have its own Mentor.

It is most often found that a business has a number of directors who are collectively obsessed with numbers and therefore pay minimal attention to preparing to perform in such a way that numbers would take care of themselves. Here at Coady Performance Group we are more passionate about winning and succeeding than most. We simply live and breathe what we do. We take risks, we empower people, we motivate all those around us to ensure everyone has the ingredients to consistently succeed. Organisation, preparation and determination are key elements in winning.