Meet Mike Coady, a financial coach in the Middle East with more than a quarter of a century of experience.

Award-Winning Financial Coaching

As a distinguished Money Coach at Coady Performance, I offer a suite of financial coaching packages designed to elevate your financial literacy, money management, and ultimate success. Here’s how partnering with me can benefit you:

Demystify Your Money Struggles:

We often have deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs about money, formed through past experiences, which can unknowingly hinder our financial progress. As your Personalised Money Coach, I specialize in uncovering these hidden dynamics that shape your financial decisions. Together, we’ll dive deep into your money mindset, enabling you to recognize and address the root causes of your financial difficulties.

Eliminate Detrimental Financial Habits:

Overspending, escalating debt, and inadequate savings can be symptoms of negative financial behavior. I will work hand in hand with you, employing proven strategies and techniques to break these destructive habits, paving the way for robust financial health.

Achieve Your Financial Goals:

Whether your aspirations involve jet-setting across the globe, retiring comfortably, or establishing a reliable emergency fund, I’m here to turn these dreams into reality. As your Personalised Money Coach, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to help you articulate, plan for, and reach your short and long-term financial goals.

Undergo a Comprehensive Money Makeover:

If you feel discontent with your current financial situation, a holistic money makeover could be the transformative step you need. With my guidance, we’ll implement systematic changes to your financial strategies, leading to significant improvements in your overall financial wellness.

I provide a transformational journey towards financial autonomy and prosperity. Together we will navigate your path to sustainable financial success. We offer a complimentary discovery call to kickstart your journey towards financial stability and prosperity.

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About Coady Performance

Located in Dubai, Coady Performance is a financial coaching firm and your comprehensive partner in financial well-being.

Our founder, Mike Coady, brings an unmatched level of expertise to financial planning, combining 25 years of experience with multiple accreditations. Find out more about him and his work below.

Why Choose Us:

With so many other financial advice coaches out there to choose from, why should you put your trust in Coady Performance Group? Here are a few reasons…

Qualified Expertise:

Mike is a UK qualified financial coach who has achieved “Independent Financial Adviser – Highly Commended” status and is an award-winning industry veteran.

Institutional Recognition:

As a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a member of the Chartered Institute of Insurance, and a Founding Fellow of Sales Professionals, Mike’s expertise is recognized by prestigious organizations in the industry.

Proven Success:

Mike has successfully taken his firms to Chartered Status in the UK, setting a standard of excellence that benefits all clients of Coady Performance.

Media Mention:

Featured as a highly qualified financial coach in ‘Which Financial Adviser,’ Mike is recognized as an authority in the field.

What Others Say

“I had the privilege of working for Mike Coady in 2015 and 2016. Mike’s energy and charisma is second to none, a real leader of men and an ‘alpha male’ who make things happen, and brings out the best in…”

Richard Briggs
Technical and Compliance Supervisor – Smith & Williamson

“I began my career as a financial adviser under Mike’s tutelage and his impact is still as real now as it was in those first few weeks. The opportunity to be mentored by someone who helped shape the international advice…”

Matthew Quinn
Independent Financial Adviser – SJB Global

“To be mentored by Mike was an experience that cannot be replaced. The hole that he has left in European financial services will never be filled and we all hope that one day he will return!”

Daniel Goggin
Managing Director – Adsen Moore

Our Financial Coaching Services

We are not just money coaches. Our experience and expertise extends to financial coaching, wealth management coaching, and tax planning coaching, providing a 360-degree approach to your financial health.

Personalized Money Coaching

Achieve your financial goals and plan for what’s next with expert advice from Mike Coady.

Expense and Debt Management

Let Mike guide you through your expenses and debts to help you manage them more effectively.

Advanced Wealth Management

No matter how specific your goals are, Mike is here to help. From retirement planning to property investment, we’ve got you covered.

Investment Strategy Optimization

Thinking of streamlining or diversifying your investment strategy? Let Mike guide you through the process.

Strategic Tax Planning

Optimize the structure of your finances to minimise your tax liability while remaining fully compliant.

Event and Objective Planning

Need tailored advice to help you plan for a specific event or goal? Speak to Mike today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you cover?

Working across the Middle East, we coach clients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to help them achieve their financial goals.

How do I get started?

To get started, check out our range of coaching packages and book your free initial discovery call.

How much does your financial coaching cost?

We offer three different coaching packages, allowing you to choose the level of support that’s right for you. Prices start at just $350 USD.