Richard Bayle

““I had retired from my role as COO of a plc in Financial Services when a Mike Coady; the then Regional Manager for Western Europe (now a Director of deVere) called me and asked if I would like to meet him and Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO. During the conversation, I realised I was not ready to leave business life and the opportunity to return to my routes; where I started my career in sales at the sharp end, was too much to resist so I started with deVere in May 2010. I am now responsible for France as a country manager, with three offices and am having the time of my life. deVere is a fine ethical company and I have never heard anything other from all the senior people here from Nigel Green down, other than “…the client comes first, second and third”. This profession that I have been in for nearly 42 years has had its fair share of bad press; some of it deserved, but the deVere approach to client needs is, I believe, second to none. Over 60,000 clients? The advice has to be sound and it is. I am proud to have my “last fling” with a company of this calibre.”