Rebekah Roe

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As a coach at Coady Performance Group it is Rebekah’s mission to create excitement within her clients to ensure they have the desire to embark on a whole new journey in order to achieve fulfilment and happiness.

With a passion for customer satisfaction at the very heart of her objectives, Rebekah works to inspire her team and clients to achieve higher levels of performance ensuring goals and targets are met and exceeded.

“If something doesn’t feel right, limits your levels of happiness or adds the minimal level of stress to your day – change it, because it isn’t worth it” – Rebekah Roe

Rebekah is an extremely self-motivated individual who never failed to deliver. It was an absolute pleasure working alongside such an inspirational leader. We worked together on implementing a software platform to a team of over 50 individuals. Her consistent infectious personality rubbed off on the entire team, enabling us to deliver firm results.

I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Rebekah over the past 6 months. Her ability to motivate and encourage her colleagues to achieve fantastic results is phenomenal. I am extremely lucky to be part of her team, constantly striving for excellence! A great manager but an even better mentor.