Non-executive Director

Strategising towards leadership development, team motivation and goal achievement to help your business unlock new opportunities and revenue streams.

With a track record of powering international firms, Mike Coady provides a non-executive director service for companies wanting to boost their growth prospects.

He uses his seat at the board table to offer a performance, leadership, and goal-oriented perspective that helps firms take advantage of new opportunities. He also delivers expertise in setting clear performance and sales goals, and then motivating teams towards achieving them.


We inject new capital and ideas into promising businesses, and help them achieve their growth and performance potential.

Mike empowers promising businesses by investing directly in their growth plans, or supercharges their fund raising by assembling consortia of willing investors.

His reputation as an early adopter of promising ideas, and ability to spur teams to ambitious growth targets, makes him an ideal partner for firms seeking a fresh injection of ideas and capital.

Mike can bring his own capital to the table to take a direct stake in future business success. He also helps firms arrange bigger-ticket finance by leveraging his network of relationships to serve as a conduit for new capital.

Pro Bono

Every once in a while, good people get down on their luck and don’t always get the same chances to perform at their true abilities.

From time to time, we set aside time to offer help and guidance, whether it’s just a one off call or a more structured process to help and guide those, that we believe, deserve a chance at a time when they might not always have the resources to develop at a speed that they are truly capable of.

Who knows, they may even get to return the favour one day!

To apply, fill in this short form briefing your current situation, and then leave the rest to us!