What We Do

If you're an individual performer, corporate, or entrepreneur that has the desire of the ultimate breakthrough, then get in touch. We have a program of value-adds perfect for you and your future!


Individual & Corporate mentoring ​to create effectiveness in business.

Interim Projects

Interim support for firms looking for short term engagement to drive value from past experiences.

Non Executive Services

Leadership development, board motivation and performance injection to ensure your business unlocks its potential.

Investor Service

Injecting new capital and ideas into promising businesses to help them achieve their growth and performance potential.

Where we deliver value

Coady Performance Group provides extraordinary resources for individuals through to corporates.

New Markets

Rapid Performance Development

“Mike has had a significant impact on the rapid development of the company and those within it.”

New Leaders

Develop New Leaders

“The best leader I have worked with in my career.”

Managing Expansion

Enter New Markets

“Mike is a proven builder of businesses.”

Lack of Opportunities

Creating New Opportunities

“Mike opens your perspective to new levels.”

Optimize your Career

Optimize your Career

“Mike has the unique ability to recognise potential and develop it to the full.”

Poor Sales Performance

Explosive Sales Performance

“Mike is without a shadow of a doubt the very BEST in the business for sales training, motivation and achieving results. Unforgettable, tough, direct, entertaining and massively passionate.”

New Product Launches

New Product Launches

“Mike could visualise game-changing financial tools and models which would not only integrate the expertise of many business functions but create meaningful intelligence and client value in turn.”

Creating more Value

Creating more Value

“Those around Mike spurn mediocrity for excellence.”

Managing Quick Growth

Managing Quick Growth

“When Mike works with a business, his approach to change management is refreshingly hands on. He uses his considerable experience and expertise at all levels from the management team through to the individual advisers.”


Leadership Development

“The support, guidance and leadership Mike has provided me during this time has been crucial to my development both personally and in my role.”

Sales Technology

Sales Technology

“With his guidance, we set up many different procedures which were automated, ahead of current industry standards, directed towards higher levels of accuracy and devoid of all forms of redundancy in the organisation.”

Sales Team Development

Sales Team Development

“Mike will light a firework under your sales organisation. Can’t recommend Mike enough.”

Motivation Creation

Motivation Creation

“Mike’s ability to command a room and motivate a team is second to none, bringing passion, energy, professionalism to achieve first class results.”

Sales Conference

Sales Conferences

“Mike’s motivation and enthusiasm are unbound and have just spent 2 days in a sales conference which he lead. His passion for successful growth are infectious and it is a pleasure and a privilege to listen to him share his experience and knowledge.”



“Mike’s combination of leadership, business acumen and vision is incredible. He leads from the front and is someone I am proud to work with and continue to learn from.”

Delivery Types

We offer a range of service delivery models to help you access insights, connections and industry experience to your advantage.

Face to Face - Coady Performance Group

Face to Face

Instructor Led Classroom

Instructor Led Classroom

virtual and online - Coady Performance Group

Virtual & Online

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations