Business Owner Mentorship


Coady Performance Group are here to help both experienced and new business owners master the skills required in order to accomplish their goals, systemise experiences and develop and embed leadership styles.

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Within this mentoring program we cover areas such as training the skills of effective management and mastering the specific technologies of strategic and operational management of a company, this includes:

  • Embedding Culture
  • Management/Leadership Styles
  • Setting company goals, vision and mission
  • Achieve motivation
  • Effective control
  • Planning and restructuring resources
  • Employee development and happiness
  • Strategic business modelling
  • Cash flow and budget management
  • Operational Management & Infrastructure
  • Formation of effective teams
  • Conflict management
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Effective time management
  • Effective delegation
  • Creating an organisation
  • Building the best proposition
  • Stress management for leaders
  • Understanding Growth
  • Effective management of expectations
  • Company branding and perception

Monthly subscription of only $2,495.


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