Career Progression Mentoring


Promotion is an art and career progression doesn’t come by chance. If you are an individual who is looking to progress, Coady Performance Group can show you what is possible. You will be learning from some of the industries best talent, in order to allow you to develop to your maximum potential.


Ideal for those in Wealth Management and Financial Services that would like to evaluate important areas such as:

  • Understanding the importance of a career
  • High level evaluation of what is possible
  • Clarity on the direction within the business you should take
  • How to get the best terms from your employer
  • Guidance and support negotiating the best deal for you
  • How to value your Funds under Management to potential employers
  • How to ensure promotion
  • How to be attractive to your current employer and be at the front of the queue for future opportunities

Monthly subscription fee only $1,250.

Driven & Trustworthy

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It was extremely rewarding being supported by such a dedicated and inspirational character. Mike has a lot of qualities, drive, integrity, trust, confidence, tolerance, enthusiasm and focus, he leads from the front and always practices what he preaches, he has the unique ability to recognise potential and develop it to the full.

Highly Recommended

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The opportunity for true 1-2-1 coaching is seldom seen in the wealth management space, and working for people with a genuine interest in the success of their employees is even more rare. The effort Mike put in to making a successful working environment was immense

Truly the Best

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“Mike is the consummate professional and every day I grew and learnt under him. Considering the amount of plates Mike is spinning on a daily (24/7/365) basis, he manages to efficiently and effectively run all his teams to an outstanding level. He does this with total precision, professionalism and passion complimented with a sense of humour. Mike’s knowledge sets him apart from other finance professionals and truly is one of the best I have have ever worked for. He is well respected by clients, colleagues and everyone he comes in contact with.”


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