Providing individual & corporate performance coaching ​to create effectiveness in leadership, decision-making, creativity, time management, sales success and career development.

Personalised Development & Mentoring

Coady Performance Group has a world-class reputation for delivering outstanding mentoring and coaching programs for further developing your skills, performing at the highest level and absolutely mastering the art of sales and persuasion. In addition, providing leadership mentoring for managers with team responsibility and strategy & growth development for entrepreneurs.

  • PA & EA Mentoring

    $495 Personal Assistants, Executives, Secretaries and Administrators who understand the importance of up-skilling their performance and productivity levels. If you want to advance to the next steps of your career, this is the mentoring program for you.
  • Performance Mentoring

    $795 Activate your next level and breakthrough to unstoppable success. You’ll be backed by the best in the business and the results will be rapid. You will rise as a high performer taking you from good to “off the charts” amazing.
  • Sales Growth Mentoring

    $995 Sales communication and persuasion skills are an art. In many respects, a language in themselves. Work with the best to develop your personal skills to ensure you become a peak performer and our investment is repaid many times over.
  • Career Progression Mentoring

    $795 Promotion is an art and career progression doesn’t come by chance. If you are an individual who is looking to progress, Coady Performance Group can show you what is possible. You will be learning from some of the industries best talent, in order to allow you to develop to your maximum potential.
  • Sales Management Mentoring

    $1750 Being a good leader is essential in order to maximise efficiency and reach objectives. It’s not just about delegating workload, but about effective communication, building team morale, maintaining motivation and successful coordination.
  • Business Owner Mentorship

    $2495 Coady Performance Group are here to help both experienced and new business owners master the skills required in order to accomplish their goals, systemise experiences and develop and embed leadership styles.

Who is our mentoring for?