Interview Tips: We all want to be that one lucky person that gets the opportunity to be selected for the job we have always wanted, however, I don’t believe we prepare ourselves well enough to fulfil the actual ambition.

I have recently been a mentor to a young lady who was finding it difficult to find and embark on the right career path.

One of the main worries for her wasn’t how or where to send her CV, but how to get through the interview and selection process by making a great first impression.

I have listed below my top interview tips on what you need to do to help secure the role of your dreams!!

1. Be on time – Not too early, not a second late!!

I have hosted many interviews over the years and one of the 2 most annoying things I have experienced is that the person is that keen, they show up 30minutes early, or they are simply late!! I actually don’t know which one is worse.

The person who will be interviewing has said 2 pm for a reason… whether they are hosting back to back interviews, have a meeting prior to your interview or simply may be doing their day to day “stuff”, they definitely don’t want the pressure of somebody waiting for them for 30mins.

I also think it shows a sign of either desperation if you are too early, or unorganised if you are late!

The ideal time is anywhere between 5-10mins early!

2. Freshen Up!

Before you go into the location of the interview, I would pop to a washroom, and freshen up!

There is nothing worse than sweaty hands, dry lips or messy hair!

So just take a few minutes of your time to just get sorted.

3. Look at the part!

Before you open your mouth to talk, the interviewer is going to get their first impression (the only one that counts, really) from your appearance. So, dress comfortably, confident and sharp. Your attire, to a degree, depends on the role you are interviewing for, however, who doesn’t want to look their best?

If you look your best, you will feel on top of the world, and this will come across as confidence.

4. Do your research!

Make sure you know about the company, the role itself and the responsibilities that the role will broadly entail.

The more knowledge you have the more confident and competent you will come across!

This shows signs of independence and that you are willing to go that extra mile.

5. Get everyone on board!!

Even though you may be nervous or slightly conscious of making a mistake, do not get your words muddled, speak clearly. Maintain a confident posture throughout the interview, and let it just flow.

Body language is super important, so be conscious of this.

6. Question preparation is key!

There is nothing worse than when asked if you have any questions you say “No, I don’t think so” – WRONG answer!!

Always have prepared a couple of questions as a minimum.

Saying no, is a simple “I’m not that fussed, I just need a job” answer and it simply isn’t good enough. This can often make the situation that bit awkward.

7. Be Honest

Honesty is a big one for me. It says a lot about someone straight away.

I back honesty much before I back my skillset or talent. Maybe because I am different and do everything the other way round to the rest of the world (!) because I also back work ethic way before I back skills or experience!!

But seriously, when asked a question about your past, previous employer, family life, education, etc. just be honest. Most people that have been in their careers for a while will get it – and if they don’t, it isn’t the right place to work, anyway!

8. Smile!

Last but not least my interview tips is to smile. Don’t come across as arrogant, grumpy or difficult! Sometimes from awkwardness or from nerves themselves, we can come across the wrong way!

To avoid this, simply smile.

Smile when talking, and smile when listening. Have enthusiasm.

At the end of the day, if it’s the role for you – you will be passionate, enthusiastic, energetic and excited, and a lot of the above interview tips will just come naturally to you.

Don’t forget, an interview is a 2-way thing… the company gets to find out if they like you and check if you will fit in, and YOU get to decide if you like the company and if they fit in with YOU!

If you need help, support or further advice from simple things to what your CV should look like for it to stand out, how to “sell” yourself or even how to interview, contact me and I will help you!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime over small things that can be easily avoided!

I hope you found this blog on my interview tips insightful!

Blog published by Rebekah Roe.